The Next-generation Intelligent Marketing Chain based on Blockchain 3.0 Technology


Ultra Salescloud is next-generation intelligent marketing ecosystem based on blockchain technology. It offers an innovative solution to overcome key pain points in digital marketing by adopting decentralized, intelligent, trusted, traceable blockchain technology.

Ultra Salescloud deeply integrated blockchain technology and marketing-tech, the very pain points of malicious, false,unrelated advertisement and traffic fraud will be better overcome, the hidden value of the sector will be unlocked. It also introduces a multi-incentive economic system to promote the efficiency of digital marketing sector.

  • Using a decentralized pre-screening mechanism on advertising content to resolve malicious and false advertising issues, to ensure more transparent and sustainable advertising business process.

    Anonymous and distributed data storage & ledger technology prevents transaction data from being tampered, key transaction results will be hashed and saved on chain, therefore promote stakeholders report accurate/real data.

  • The smart contract adopted in advertising business process to facilitate automatic settlement and disintermediation in advertising process, industry inefficiency and transparency will be improved.

    Introduce a multi-incentive economic system to benefit all participants for the ecosystem, it would expand the traditional boundary of business participants, promote more evolved production relationship, and optimize the incentive mechanism.

    Connecting with mainstream public chains such as EOS, ADA, Polkadot, Zilliqa etc., implementing cross-chain technology to shift from the internet of information to the internet of value.


  • Ultra Salescloud token will be based on the ERC-20 Token Standard.

  • Advertisers can purchase UST in digital currency exchange to pay service charges.

  • Once an Ad campaign is initiated, Ultra Salescloud will automatically activate smart contracts and decentralized system to facilitate all participants.

  • Advertising audiences can obtain relevant token incentives by participating precision marketing or community co-governance.

  • The third-party monitoring agencies can also obtain token incentives on crowdsourcing unbiased professional opinions.



Abundant Sector

With more than 5,000 major advertisers, 100k APP medias, 200 million daily active users and DMP profiles, the industrial resources far exceed those of comparable projects.



Ultra Salesloud technology team headed & advised by Ken Huang with core team members from well-known Blockchain powerhouses such as IBM, Visa, Huawei and Tencent.


Community Building

Integrated eco-community building and investor relations development with continually injected user resource.


Supportive Cornerstone
Investor & Consultant

Strong support & synergy from cornerstone investors and blockchain technical consultants, including DFJ (Tim Draper), Hongshang Capital, Dami Venture Capital,Beihang Capital, Ken Huang, Steve Hoffman, etc..

  • 1
    2017.10 - 2018.02
    Stage One
  • 2
    2018.03 - 2018.10
    Stage Two
  • 3
    2018.11 - 2019.04
    Stage Three
  • 4
    2019.05 -
    Stage Four
2017.10 - 2018.02
Stage One

Research on deep integration marketing-tech and blockchain technology.

Setting up Ultra Salescloud Business Model and Technology Architecture.

Business development on long-term sector partners.

Building up Ultra Salescloud Foundation.

2018.03 - 2018.10
Stage Two

Develop Ultra Salescloud Token(UST)

Build up decentralized Ultra Salescloud’s advertising platform.

Develop Ultra Salescloud Platform’s smart contract technical structure.

Integrate Ultra Salescloud system to mainstream public chain.

2018.11 - 2019.04
Stage Three

Ultra Salescloud’s Dapp development.

Developing API of Ultra Salescloud’s ecosystem participants/partners.

Business development on marketing partners to reach strategic relationship.

Developing Ultra Salescloud big data center, AI module and ecosystem participant’s interface.

2019.05 -
Stage Four

Launching Ultra Salescloud’s Dapp.

Launching Ultra Salescloud’s smart contract 1.0 version.

Releasing Ultra Salescloud platform official SDK.

Business development on marketing partners to reach strategic relationship.

  • Roy Cheng-CEO

    Strategic investor of Ripple, previously Managing Director at Zhongzhi VC and Senior Manager of Visa, the biggest electronic payment network worldwide. Co-launched the Ultra Salescloud Project in 2017

    Harry Tian-CFO

    Investment Banker, previously worked in leading investment bank at Morgan Stanley, BNP Paribas, etc., responsible for strategic investment or financing executions on multinational industrial groups and TMT industry leaders, early investor of Zilliqa and Polkadot

    Skylen Gu-CTO

    Digital marketing technologist, former R&D director of U.S. General Computer Systems, hdtMEDIA, and CTO of Donson Lomark. Co-initiated Ultra Salescloud Project in 2017

    Shawn Yan-VP

    Senior expert in E-commerce and digital advertising technology, previously appointed as CTO of Donson, CTO of well-known e-commerce platforms including and
  • Wenbin Zhang

    An expert on Ant Financial Blockchain. Postdoctoral researcher at the National University of Singapore and a Ph.D. candidate in public key cryptography. He is a top scientist at the IBM Blockchain Center in Singapore. He led the team to create business applications based on blockchain 3.0 Hyperledger fabric from 0 to 1, which was successfully launched in IBM. He has invented patents on multiple blockchains and encryption spaces, published scientific research articles in key blockchain related journals. Winner of the IWSEC 2016 Best Paper Award for Japan's Annual Information Security Conference, was invited as the guest speaker of the blockchain by the International Conference FICC 2018

    Willian Yu

    Participated in major blockchain projects’ development, being proficient in the development & technical implementation of enterprise-level distributed ledger system, in-depth research on the blockchain underlying technologies in EOS, hyper-ledger fabric and Ethereum. He joined Ultra Salescloud in 2017, responsible for the establishment of core technology architecture

    Tommy Liu

    Expert in cryptography and algorithm; previously appointed as senior Tech head of Huawei; being responsible for analyzing, designing and development management of source ecoding and decoding algorithm, channel adaptive algorithm, and loop feedback control algorithm of Huawei digital-analoghybrid system.

    Charles Chen

    Expert in community building, marketing, previously appointed as General Manager at Customer Service Department of

  • Ken Huang

    CEO of The United States Distributed Commercial Application Company, Member of the ACM Practitioner Board, China Electronics Association Blockchain Expert, previously Chief Scientist of HUAWEI.

    Richard Wang

    DFJ Dragon Fund Partner, leading investor in Blockchain space

    Min Ai

    Dami Venture Capital Chairman, Vice President of Shenzhen Alumni Association, School of Economics and Management in Tsinghua University
  • Kai Gu

    Co-founder of Qifu Capital, Director of Bubi Blockchain, famous Investor in Blockchain space

    Xin Tang

    Former Co-Founder in Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers (KPCB)